The life of the human race is purely dependent on Data. Data has become a part and parcel of everyone's day to day life. We deal with data daily. When you want to listen to your favorite songs, you open your playlist from your smartphone which is a database. Databases are everywhere. MySQL is a database management system that permits you to handle relational databases. Use this software for absolutely free without paying a dime as it is an open-source software backed by Oracle. It also offers the comfort of redesigning or modifying the source code to suit your distinct needs. This RDBMS is most popularly used in developing web-based software applications.

MySQL could be a great fit for your website or web application development demand. Adopt your business to this brand-new technology that is progressive & has incredible potential with Sahana as your helping-hand in all software solutions.

MySQL operates using client/server architecture where the server runs on the machine containing the database and the clients connect to the server over a network. This is uncomplicated and effortless to learn when compared to other database software like Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server.

Being characterized as a multi-user database system the database can be accessed by several users simultaneously over diverse platforms such as Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, UNIX, Linux, etc. With its reliable, extensible, and brisk approach it can be conveniently installed on a server or even on a desktop. The content management systems that we offer such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal use MySQL database as well.

Reach your target customer base with our ready team of highly experience MySQL developers. We ensure to keep updating our database with new leads so that you have the access to the latest available MySQL database.

This technology will prove to be fruitful to the sales & marketing department of your organization too. Our MySQL customer database will help you and your representatives to keep track of the right kind of activities, the ones that hold a significant impact on making sure that the opportunities landing into your sales funnel are high.

Reach out to the Sahana team with your needs & we will be glad to offer the most cost-effective deals!