Sahana Develops secure & customized Magento E-commerce solutions for your online store.

As per the statistics from W3techs, Magento occupies 1.4% of the CMS market share in 2020. This technology is an open-source built-in PHP, that assists programmers to create eCommerce websites. To date, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses using this source to kick start their online store including big ones such as Nike, Samsung, etc.

Magento has turned into one of the world's leading solutions with approximately 26% of the best eCommerce websites using it. We at Sahana understand & cater to your business needs by delivering a secure Magento website for your e-commerce hike and help you drive revenue.

Why Adopt Magento?

For businesses and individuals who want to develop an everlasting professional eCommerce site, you need to think of Magento as a priority. This open-source serves as an incredible option to build an online store with the vital characteristics of being very professional and purely free. Sahana extends a reliable Magento site for the IT Department by adopting a goal-oriented approach to turn your challenges, fears, and insecurities into opportunities.

Some basic characteristics of Magento that will offer you a clear picture are:

  • Product Management – the ability to stock many images, optional comment reviews products, a favorites list, and inventory.
  • Category management – it makes the discovery and selection of products by category simplified
  • Inventory management – effective management of products left in stock, import, export, etc.
  • Customer service – enhances the features, customer contact form, comprehensive follow-up, and email services
  • Payments – supports many payment methods ranging from credit card to PayPal, Google checkout, etc.
  • Search technology – offers fast, friendly, and quick support search on Google SiteMap
  • Analyze and report – Magento can be integrated with the Google Analytics service to provide multiple reports.

Magento stands out from other platforms just like Sahana systems stands out from the crowd of IT software companies. This technology offers a unique proposition of being open source and highly customizable, freedom of choosing hosting services, reliable and secure, and multi-platform integration.

Pace your speed and SEO with Magento services offered by Sahana Systems!