Do you on certain occasions feel the urge to migrate your existing platform but are then setback by its complexity??

Stop the confusion and initiate the change with Sahana System Limited. At SSL, we are a team of highly potent and technical experts with years of professional experience in Application Migration. Application Migration put in simple terms is a process performed by an IT professional for the exclusive purpose of shifting an organization's current environment to a contemporary, upgraded and safer environment that might not essentially be on the same platform as its forebear. This makes it more important to have a well-devised and cautiously drafted approach when thinking of application migration and re-engineering.

Sahana's Application Migration Plan

We are well aware of the turmoil, apprehensions, and complexities that come along with Application Migration. Sahana takes due diligence in the transition from legacy applications to modern technologies to curb complexities that arise in the process. We have a groundwork and viable procedure in place to avoid all discrepancies.

Our techniques have been crafted from real-time analysis, implementation, and experiences that make it possible to aid all types of organizations to sprout to new technologies. Obtain the below-listed application migration services with us:

  • Application Migration & Modernization
  • WebSphere Application Server Migration
  • Migrating to Cloud Platform
  • ASP.Net Application Migration to Windows Azure
  • Java / J2EE Application Migration
  • Application Migration & Porting

Approach for Application Migration

At Sahana we use a well-orchestrated migration plan put in place to help business enterprises speed up their workloads with minimal costs and zero risks aimed to achieve their business goals.

Dominant Actions:


It is a detailed analysis of your present systems to ensure that all eminent features are considered before we begin with the migration process. This consists of application portfolio analysis, effort estimation depending on application portfolio analysis, and recognizing migration issues and reporting all important activities.


This is a crucial stage In the process of choosing and deploying the new system, as we clarify the wide migration strategy, various views of to be architecture, perform POCs, code migration steps, and a test strategy.


The heart and soul of the migration process as we keep a brief of all your business needs and challenges to devise the migration activity. We develop/migrate source code, rewrite migrated code, establish unit tests, undertake migration steps, create deployment output, etc.


The concluding phase of the migration approach, where the new system is constructed and enforced to meet the business objectives. For Sahana performance metrics play an evident role in this stage, thus we undertake activities like build & deploy, perform rigorous tests, and certify your system.